Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Confidence  Building
+61.421.99.55.22.  Limited Availability.

Areas of interest:    Confidence rebuilding      Strengths based Resiliency & recovery
Challenging changes     Loss accommodation       Careers & relationship transitions
challenges and stress reduction        Health choices & body image Improvements

Creativity for Artists  (block removal) ; Uniting Actors/Musicians for Social Change 
                      Life Review Sessions                            TNI PLR/LBL methods      

Available by appointment only.
Contact us to check availability and suitability of our life coaching regarding your current objectives. 
Our brief, no-charge, obligation-free telephone consultations can help you determine if our services are suitable for assisting you through your current challenges.  

Life Coaching support during times of transitions, loss or change

Mid-life support for life's many changes and challenging decisions.

Offering an eclectic blend of individualised life-coaching and change accommodation support, with or without hypnotherapy.   If I have limited availability or believe someone else can serve you better, I will refer you to a hypnotherapy or life coaching colleague.

If available, I also offer empathetic, individualised support for unexpected losses such as losing a loved one from suicide.  Together with 2 colleagues, we have a film project in the works for suicide loss and grief discussions to help people adjust to their losses in a more positive, less ruminating manner.  If you'd like to be part of that project, send us an email using the contact page and note SUICIDE LOSS AND GRIEF FILM PROJECT.                    

What sessions "look like" - how a coaching session might evolve: 

We work to help you feel comfortable from the very start of your phone enquiry or coaching session.  We first seek to understand what your session goals are and what you want to accomplish.  We then combine life-coaching techniques, hypnotherapy, ego state therapy, modern CBT / ACT, spiritual regression hypnotherapy and other techniques to enhance your self-awareness and facilitate your own healing processes to assist you to regain confidence and reduce stress reactions during times of change.  We can help you to improve your self-confidence and internal comfort levels, including body image and strengths acceptance and gentle recognition of potential opportunities for further growth. We help empower you to adapt your awareness and choices to meet your aims, including helping you to access inner-peace and strengths-based confidence during life transitions.  Spiritual life review sessions (TNI) available to individuals who are ready and willing to explore deeper meanings of their life times.Sessions will be tailored to individual circumstances and preferences.

For session fee information, visit About Us or phone +61.421.995.522.

We welcome potential client's questions.

More information:

When you feel drawn to our life coaching/counseling services, with or without hypnotherapy (an optional modality), please telephone us and leave a message or visit our contact page and submit an enquiry.  We aim to return your call or enquiry within one business day.  No obligation telephone discussions.
RESPONSE:  If you do not hear from us after 24 to 48 hours (business days), please connect with us again by phone as an extended lag in our reply would indicate we did not receive your message. 
RATES:  Vary depending on your session needs and circumstances; we may sometimes offer sliding scale fees for services however we have very limited availability due to our other projects such as the This Way In To Music interaction program for parents of children with disability (Autism, Cerebral Palsy).
For general information, click About Us
SESSIONS FOCUS IDEAS:     Confidence rebuilding  and internal strengths       Role, career and relationship transition facilitation       Stress reduction     
Non-denominational Spirituality  &  Life purpose reviews         Decision making resolutions        Health behaviour related changes           Impulse Control Disorders  

Resiliency & Recovery from difficult losses   (Loss accommodation)      Bullying recovery & resiliency coaching       Survivor Guilt Responses     Disfigurement/Body Image